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Comp 521 Day-One Anonymous Survey

  1. What is your current academic standing?
  2. A.  Freshman
    B.  Sophomore
    C.  Junior
    D.  Senior
    E.  Graduate
    F.  Other
  3. What is your major?

  4. Did you take both Comp 410 and Comp 411 at UNC?
  5.  Yes     No
  6. Do you know SQL?
  7.  Yes     No
  8. What language are you most comfortable programming in?
  9. A.  Java
    B.  JavaScript
    C.  C/C++
    D.  Python
    E.  Matlab
    F.  Other
  10. Are you taking, or do you plan to take, Comp 530 (Operating Systems)?
  11.  Yes     No
  12. What are you hoping to learn in Comp 521?
  13. A.  How to incorporate databases into applications that you develop
    B.  How databases work internally
    C.  How to design efficient databases
    D.  How to write SQL queries
    E.  All of the above
  14. Which of the following best characterizes your learning style?
  15. A.  I learn best by doing the homework and working through examples
    B.  I would rather read the book than listen to a lecture
    C.  I hope the lectures are sufficent such that I never need to crack a book
    D.  I prefer to be presented with major concepts and then work out the details
    E.  I learn best by examining working examples
  16. Are you currently enrolled in Comp 521?
  17.  Yes      No

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