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Online PRP Management

All Preliminary Research Presentations take place in FB141 and are open to the public. Talks should be approximately 25 minutes in length and will be cut off after 30 mins. Ten additional minutes are allotted for public questions. After the presentation, the committee and candidate will reconvene in a private session held in FB120 for additional questioning (no more than 30 mins).
Date Student Title Advisor Committee

12-06 09:00 Sims Osborne Simultaneous Multithreading Applied to Real Time James Anderson Dewan, Mayer-Patel, Jeffay
12-06 11:00 Jaehyun Han On the Effectiveness of Behavior-based Ramsomware Detection Don Porter Reiter, Plaisted, Kaur
12-06 12:00 Max Hudnell Vehicle Localization Prediction Jan-Michael Frahm Alterovitz, Fuchs, Nirjon
12-06 13:00 Nils Persson Beyond Independent Ratios in Log-Based Detection of Programming Difficulties Prasun Dewan Anderson, Porter, Stotts
12-06 14:00 Zhiyuan Liu Multi-object shape analysis via skeletal linking structure Pizer McMillan, Snoeyink, Singh
12-06 15:00 Ankur Sharma Euclideanization of s-reps via Discriminative Principal Nested Spheres (DPNS) vs Polysphere Nested Deformed Spheres(PNDS) Dr Stephen M. Pizer Bishop, Styner, Prins
12-06 16:00 Zhengyang Shen Joint Networks for Diffeomorphic Image Registration Marc Niethammer Pizer, McMillan, Oliva

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