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Online PRP Management

All Preliminary Research Presentations take place in FB141 and are open to the public. Talks should be approximately 25 minutes in length and will be cut off after 30 mins. Ten additional minutes are allotted for public questions. After the presentation, the committee and candidate will reconvene in a private session held in FB120 for additional questioning (no more than 30 mins).
Date Student Title Advisor Committee

12-01 09:00 Dongxu Zhao EgoGlass: Egocentric-View Human Pose Estimation from a Glass Frame (Zoom ID: 965 8749 1530) Jan-Michael Frahm Porter, Alterovitz, Dewan
12-01 10:00 Zelin Tong Achieving Multicore Time Partitioning in Litmus-RT: A Modular Hierarchical Scheduler Implementation (Zoom ID: 969 5962 4211) James Anderson Prins, Chakraborty, Kaur
12-01 11:00 Zishun Feng Two-stream attention spatial-temporal network for classification of echocardiography videos (Zoom ID: 993 3902 6729) Ashok Krishnamurthy Snoeyink, Niethammer, McMillan
12-01 13:00 Ahsan Mahmood Multiscale Score Matching for Out-of-Distribution Detection (Zoom ID: 942 0539 8386) Martin Styner Pizer, Srivastava, Duggirala
12-01 14:00 Andrew Freeman Integrating Event Camera Sensor Emulator and Lossy Compression Scheme (Zoom ID: 936 3545 6150) Ketan Mayer-Patel Fuchs, Nirjon, Singh
12-01 15:00 Daniel Korn COVID-19 Knowledge Extractor (COKE): a tool and a web portal to extract drug - target protein associations from the CORD-19 corpus of scientific publications on COVID-19 (Zoom ID: 962 5766 7295) Alexander Tropsha Mayer-Patel, Monrose, Oliva

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