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Online PRP Management

Preliminary Research Presentations will be on Zoom this semester and are open to the public. Talks should be approximately 25 minutes in length and will be cut off after 30 mins. Ten additional minutes are allotted for public questions. After the presentation, the committee and candidate will continue meeting in a private session using the same Zoom meeting ID for additional questioning (no more than 30 mins).

Note: Presentation titles are linked to the PRP's Zoom meeting.
Date Student Title Advisor Committee

12-05 09:45 Zhilan Zhou A Survey of Patterns for Adapting Smartphone App UIs to Smart Watches Don Porter Dewan, Duggirala, Stotts

04-29 09:00 Christopher Bender Defense Through Diverse Directions Junier Oliva Srivastava, Chakraborty, Monrose
04-29 09:45 Md Asadullah Turja Constructing Consistent Longitudinal Brain Networks by Group-wise Graph Learning Dr. Martin Styner Niethammer, Oliva, Nirjon
04-29 10:30 Tao Tao Implementing Term Rewriting-Based Programming Language David Plaisted Duggirala, Anderson, Prins
04-29 11:15 Dongxu Zhao EgoGlass: Egocentric-View Human Pose Estimation from a Glass Frame Jan-Michael Frahm McMillan, Mayer-Patel, Jeffay
04-29 13:00 Yubo Zhang Diagnosing the Environment Bias in Vision-and-Language Navigation Mohit Bansal Chaturvedi, Stotts, Plaisted
04-29 13:45 Janine Hoelscher A new backward motion planning approach for a bronchoscope-deployed steerable needle Ron Alterovitz Fuchs, Pizer, Styner
04-29 14:30 Meghan Stuart Reconstructing the geometry of decision regions of deep feedforward neural networks Sridhar Duggirala Bansal, Alterovitz, Snoeyink
04-29 15:15 Yufeng Gong Developing Security Critical Hyperproperties of Proccesor Design Cynthia Sturton Porter, Singh, Reiter
04-29 16:00 Kedrian James Hindsight is 20/20: Using Past Misbehavior to Uncover Current Bugs Fabian Monrose Kaur, Bishop, Dewan

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