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Online PRP Management

All Preliminary Research Presentations this semester will be Zoom presentations and are open to the public. Each presentation title is linked to the associated Zoom meeting. Talks should be approximately 25 minutes in length and will be cut off after 30 mins. Ten additional minutes are allotted for public questions. After the presentation, the committee will excuse the audience and remain in the Zoom where they can continue questioning the candidate in private session. The committee, at their decretion, may either excuse the candidate or ask them to wait in a breakout room.
Date Student Title Advisor Committee

05-04 09:00 Yining Jiao Recovering High-Resolution Airway Geometry from Endoscopic aOCT Images Marc Niethammer Szafir, Snoeyink, Chakraborty
05-04 10:00 Randal Tuggle On Rolling Cube Mazes Jack Snoeyink Eskandarian, Duggirala, Szafir
05-04 11:00 Shengze Wang Learning Dynamic View Synthesis With Few RGBD Cameras Henry Fuchs Singh, Nirjon, Raffel
05-04 13:00 Yiyuan Li SPE: Symmetrical Prompt Enhancement for Fact Probing Snigdha Chaturvedi McMillan, Porter, Sturton
05-04 14:00 Juan Garcia Can missing values inform predictive uncertainty? Ashok Krishnamurthy Niethammer, Stanley, Chaturvedi
05-04 15:00 Qin Liu iSegFormer: Interactive Segmentation via Transformers with Application to 3D Knee MR Images Marc Niethammer Alterovitz, Bertasius, Styner

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