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Online PRP Management

All Preliminary Research Presentations take place in FB141 and are open to the public. Talks should be approximately 25 minutes in length and will be cut off after 30 mins. Fifteen additional minutes are allotted for public questions. After the presentation, the committee and candidate will reconvene in a private session held in FB120 for additional questioning (no more than 45 mins). The committee, at their decretion, may either excuse the candidate or ask them to wait in a break room area outside of FB120.
Date Student Title Advisor Committee

05-03 09:00 Asiyah Ahmad Redefining Importance: Active Learning to Personalize Ranking of Biomedical Knowledge Graph (KG) Search Results Ashok Krishnamurthy Snoeyink, Jeffay, Pizer
05-03 10:00 Matthew Gregoire Private Use of Supermarket Loyalty Points Cynthia Sturton Sturton, Anderson, Szafir
05-03 11:00 Angelos Angelopoulos High-Accuracy Injection Using a Mobile Manipulation Robot for Chemistry Lab Automation Ron Alterovitz Eskandarian, Srivastava, Kaur
05-03 12:00 Maitrey Gramopadhye Generating Executable Action Plans with Environmentally-Aware Language Models Daniel Szafir Alterovitz, Oliva, Stotts
05-03 13:00 Akshay Paruchuri Motion Matters: Neural Motion Transfer for Better Camera Physiological Sensing Soumyadip Sengupta Singh, Styner, Bansal
05-03 14:00 Nurislam Tursynbek Unsupervised segmentation with diffusion models Marc Niethammer Raffel, Sengupta, Mayer-Patel
05-03 15:00 Kenya Vazquez Martinez Simulating Optical Coherence Tomography Images through a Physics-driven Loss Marc Niethammer Porter, Nirjon, Srivastava
05-03 16:00 Chun-Hung Chao Interest Point Learning via Free-form Image Registration Marc Niethammer Duggirala, Stanley, Styner
05-03 17:00 Ian Thomas Evaluating User Trust in Active Learning Systems Through Query Policy and Uncertainty Visualization Danielle Szafir B.Berg, Sengupta, Fuchs

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