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Online PRP Management

Please note the following deadlines:
January 31: Online registration opens
March 01: Online registration closes
April 01: PRP Reports must be turned in
April 21: PRP committees announced
May 01: PRP Day
May 03: Second PRP Day (if needed)

Press the "Register" button to initiate the PRP registration process. When you finish registering a login will be created for you. Please, keep track of this login and password for later use in updating and checking the status of your PRP.

Petitioning to waive the PRP requirement:

Anyone can petition the faculty to have the PRP requirement waived in their case. However, the following milestones are typically expected:

  1. The petitioning student was an author of a peer-reviewed research paper on a project supervised by a UNC computer science faculty member.
  2. The petitioning student presented a research project with results to an audience that included at least three UNC computer science faculty members before the deadline when PRP reports must be turned in (April 01).

Students planning to petition for a waiver must to register for the PRP, indicate their desire to petition for a waiver, and submit an associated research paper as their report.

Waivers of the PRP are not guaranteed. You will be notified of whether your waiver petition has been granted at or before the announcement of PRP committees (April 21). Petitioning students should prepare to take the PRP in case their petition to waive is denied.

If you want to update an existing registration, upload your report, check your committee assignment, or check the outcome of your waiver petition, you should login using the "Log In" link at the upper-right corner of this page. Note that your userid is your full CS login including the '@cs.unc.edu' and that passwords are not synchronized with your Onyen or department password (your password should match the one you gave when you registered).

If you forget your password contact Denise Kenney; she can reset it for you. After it is reset return to the login page and enter any password. After submission, you should be taken to a dialog to enter a new password.

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