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Strain Certification
A service of the UNC Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center
Strain Name: B6.129S6-Gcktm1.1Mgn/Mmnc
MMRRC ID #: 11949
Date : November 11, 2010
Reference 1 (blue) : C57BL/6J
Reference 2 (red) : 129S6
Gene location: Chr11 5,800,823 bp - 5,850,084 bp
Size of interval containing gene (includes ambiguous regions): 7.26 Mb ( 0.00 Mb - 7.26 Mb)

Notes for B6.129S6-Gcktm1.1Mgn/Mmnc:

Genotyping for MMRRC#11949 was performed on ONE homozygous male mouse that was five generations intercrossed within the strain relative to the original mice submitted to the MMRRC-UNC archive by the donating investigator.  When compared to C57BL/6J (Reference 1) and 129S6 (Reference 2) genotypes, MUGA genotyping indicated that the strain background was 99.85% C57BL/6J.  A single 7.26Mb interval homozygous for 129S6 markers was identified at the proximal end of chromosome 11, spanning the Gck locus.  Genotyping for this sample is consistent with the information provided by the donating investigator on the strain detail sheet. Based on the single sample that was genotyped, the genetic background of this line appears to be fixed.

  Ref 1 (blue) Ref 2 (red) Het Unknown (gray)
Genomic Size  2577.83 Mb   3.87 Mb   0.00 Mb   0.00 Mb
Genomic Fraction  99.85%   0.15%   0.00%   0.00% 
# markers 7834 12 0 0
informative markers  3073   8   0   
concordant calls  99.38%   75.00%   0.00%   
discordant calls  0.62%   25.00%   0.00%   

Strain Detail Sheet

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